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    The beauty that she should possess had already been abandoned by her.

    Soon, the Four Stars Holy Girl’s body was crooked, and her teeth were all gone.

    She crouched on the ground, looking up at the sun in the sky, and suddenly remembered the time she was still a child. The her at that time was naive and innocent. Like many little girls in the world, she was kind-hearted and honest, and with a pure soul. When she was accepted into the Four Stars Sect as a disciple, she felt confused and blessed, but when did she start to change? It was the scheming and fighting that constantly happened in the Four Stars Sect. In order to obtain more resources and better techniques, in order to survive, she had to scheme against others… Gradually, she, like many of her senior and junior brothers and sisters, had forgotten her true intent. Her pure heart had become complex, and what she saw with her eyes were no longer the verdant hills and crystal clear water but undisguised competition for benefits.

    "If there is an afterlife, I absolutely do not want to be part of the Four Stars Sect again."

    In the end, the Four Stars Holy Girl closed her eyes.

    Her breathing ceased.

    In the distance, a long rainbow pierced the sky.

    But it was already too late.

    The rainbow transformed into the figure of the Third Prince of the Mizar Race, landing at the side of the Four Stars Holy Girl.

    "Sigh…." He let out a long, long sigh. He was trapped in a formation by the Four Stars Holy Girl and had only came out moments ago. He knew that the Holy Girl did this to prevent him from stopping her. Although this woman had done many things for fame, for benefits and because of hatred, but she still cared and worried about him. She did not want him to be swept into this storm.

    "This person has gone, body becoming a nook in the mountain, and so has my heart, no longer in the world of mortals… Amitabha Buddha!" The Third Prince of the Mizar Race’s heart was like dead ashes. His eyes glistening with great sorrow before a look of understanding dawned on his face. He activated his power and a gust of wind blew, his long golden hair gently fell, severing the threads of distress. Holding the bones of the beautiful woman, he turned away, disappearing in the distant sky.

    From then on, there was no longer the Third Prince in this world.

    And in the depths of the sacred mountain of Mizar Domain, there was a little temple. Inside the temple was a Buddhist monk in a kasaya robe. There was only one mountain, one temple, one monk, one oil lamp before the statue of Buddha, and verdant scenery and clear water, isolated from the rest of the world. The glory of the imperial family and the determination of a martial artist had all faded, as he accompanied a low grave on the edge of the temple year after year.

    The descendants of nobles of the Mizar imperial court had several times came to persuade him, hoping that the most outstanding Prince of the Mizar Race can return to the imperial family. The Emperor of the Mizar Race also hoped that he could return to accept the throne, but in the end he refused everything.

    It was only a few thousand years later, when the Mizar imperial court suffered a calamity that a burly monk dressed in a kasaya came out of the sacred mountain and pacified the armed rebellion and thereby became a legend.

    I Will Change These were all that would happen after, let’s not mention this here.

    Watching the Third Prince of the Mizar Race take the Four Stars Holy Girl away once again, Ye Qingyu did not obstruct him

    All along, the Third Prince had left a very good impression on Ye Qingyu. He was a young heaven’s prideling expert who was full of a sense of justice. He had a remarkable background, a high status, but unfortunately was always trapped in the snare of love, unable to free himself. The Four Stars Holy Girl can be regarded as the tribulation of love of his life. However, the sensible and highly principled ways he faced this relationship with was also impressive and admirable. He did not completely lose himself because of love and maintained the bottom line. He indeed was worthy of being called a peerless heaven’s prideling expert.

    Last time, it was also because of the Third Prince’s pleading that Ye Qingyu let the Four Stars Holy Girl go.

    This time, the Four Stars Holy Girl had died, thus Ye Qingyu had no reason to stop him.

    The death of the Four Stars Holy Girl also meant that the Quasi-emperor alliance, which was organized by the Four Stars Sect, had completely crumbled.

    Ye Qingyu did not let go of the other Quasi-emperors, but directly killed everyone, refining them into Quasi-emperor blood pills.

    This cold-hearted means made beads of cold sweat run down the back of all the onlookers. They were glad that they did not jump out to fight against the Heaven Wasteland Empire before. Otherwise, now the end of these Quasi-emperors would have also been their ending. At the same time, they had already begun to readjust their strategy and attitude towards Heaven Wasteland Domain in their mind. They were certain that, after this battle, the Vast Thousand Domains would tremble at the foot of Ye Qingyu, and Heaven Wasteland Domain will instantly be placed above all forces.

    "The chief evil has died, the remaining people will also be investigated. You are well aware who allied with the Four Stars Sect to make things difficult for Heaven Wasteland Domain. I will give you a deadline of three days to come to Heaven Wasteland Building to apologize, only then will you be dealt with leniently, otherwise you will be killed."

    The voice of Ye Qingyu echoed across Heaven Connect City, like the laws of a god.

    All around were living beings shivering with fear.

    Under the pressure of a true Marital Emperor, the living beings within tens of thousands of meters, regardless of race, regardless of strength, were kneeling on the ground, kowtowing to Ye Qingyu.

    This was the power of a true Emperor.

    In the crowd, there were some figures drenched in cold sweat. They had also made small actions against the Heaven Wasteland Empire, although it was only some small actions, it was absolutely impossible to escape the perception of a Marital Emperor. Now they were deeply regretting their previous actions, extremely afraid, yet still did not dare to flee, because in this world, no one can escape the pursuit of a Martial Emperor.

    Some were pale with fear.

    Because they had made unforgivable mistakes.

    Ye Qingyu slowly landed on the ground, looking in the direction of the distant shrine of the Domain Alliance as though he had perceived something. He turned his head around to say to Ximen Yeshui, "Brother Ximen Yeshui, can you check on the Domain Alliance shrine, it seems someone is making things difficult for the Chief Envoy of the Human Race."

    Ximen Yeshui chuckled, revealing his pearly white teeth. "Do you want them alive?"

    Ye Qingyu answered, "Up to you."

    "Hahahaahhaha…" Ximen Yeshui burst into laughter. What Ye Qingyu said was equal to telling him to kill without restrain. He finally could exercise his body. With a shake of his body, a gush of majestic aura surged out, he turned into a stream of light, instantly disappearing where he was.

    It was only then that the countless people found that the dark-faced scholar was not only a loudmouth. The aura he exuded at that moment was far above the Quasi-emperor realm. Could that dark-faced scholar also be a Martial Emperor?

    Heavens, two Martial Emperors?

    How is that possible?

    At this time, in the distance, the Military God of the Dragon Human Domain, Xu Wuya, was coming over, bowing to Ye Qingyu, "Lord Ye Qingyu, long time no see."

    Ye Qingyu also bowed in response.

    No matter what his position was, towards friends, Ye Qingyu would never lack humility and courtesy. Moreover, Xu Wuya could be regarded as an old friend of Heaven Wasteland Domain. Whether it was in the fight against the dark forces of the , or guard Heaven Wasteland Domain, Xu Wuya and the Dragon Human Race imperial court behind him had always advanced and retreated with Ye Qingyu. Whether it was in character or principles, Ye Qingyu had great admiration for the Military God of the Dragon Human Race.

    ", thank you so much." Ye Qingyu said, "This kindness, the Heaven Wasteland Empire and I will not forget."

    The first to come to the rescue when the Heaven Wasteland Building encountered a crisis was Xu Wuya.

    And upon hearing this from Ye Qingyu, the others all revealed an expression of envy looking at Xu Wuya and other experts of the Dragon Human Race. From their understanding of Madman Ye, he was someone who clearly distinguishes between kindness and hatred. This time the Dragon Human Race had received the gratitude and friendship of a Martial Emperor, which is even more precious than any treasure and divine weapon.

    In succession, there were various forces that had supported the Heaven Wasteland Building coming to pay respect to Ye Qingyu. Among these, there was the Demon Spider Race and the Hundred Flowers Valley of Clear River Domain. Although their power was not considered the best, they still showed their stance.

    "Thank you, thank you, in a few days, there will be a generous reward."

    Ye Qingyu gave a cupped fist salute.

    It was met with loud cheers all around.

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    Ye Qingyu’s statement was tantamount to letting these forces that came to provide assistance eat a mind-easing pill.

    It was the promise of a Martial Emperor. This was simply a huge profit, not to mention that throughout the whole process, they had in fact not paid too much of a price, nor even participated in the fight. They simply only showed their stance. Kindness indeed gets rewarded.

    "Martial… Martial Emperor Ye Qingyu, we meet again." The round-faced Prince Mo Jin bowed respectfully.

    The appearance of the Demon Spider Race this time was really a surprise to Ye Qingyu.

    From the conversation, he learned that Mo Jin had become the Patriarch of the Demon Spider Race, and now, in the Clear River Domain, following the destruction of the Greater One Sect, the collapse of the Immortal God Emperor Sect, and the disappearance of the patriarch and descendant of the Heaven Devastator Demon Sect, there were only the Demon Spider Race and the Hundred Flowers Valley that were considered as influential sects.

    Ye Qingyu and the others returned to the Heaven Wasteland Building.

    After a brief while, Ximen Yeshui brought the present chief envoy of the Human Race and others to the Heaven Wasteland Building.

    At the same time the Quasi-emperor alliance led by the Four Stars Holy Girl made a move on the Heaven Wasteland Building, some other forces and races also attacked the Human Race alliance. The chief envoy of the Human Race and others, including Tang Chong, Lin Yutang and other White-robed Divine Guards were also soaked in blood. Fortunately, Ximen Yeshui came in time and killed all the experts that besieged the Human Race alliance and completely solved the crisis.

    "Lord had become Emperor?" Tang Chong and others looked at Ye Qingyu with incomparable surprise.

    They had a close relationship with Ye Qingyu, and had been through life and death together. To them it was absolutely enormous news that Ye Qingyu had become Emperor. It can be imagined that, with the support of a Martial Emperor, how strong the Human Race would be in the Domain Alliance. The hard times were indeed over and the good times were just beginning. It was as if they could see a new era belonging to the Human Race descending.

    "Becoming Emperor is only the first step, now the laws of heaven and earth are undergoing great changes, the tide of power is still rising, and has not really reached the peak. Very soon, the Martial Emperor will not the highest peak of this world" Ye Qingyu sighed, "More importantly, the real enemy is coming, I, alone, cannot completely support this world."

    Tang Chong and the others, although slightly shocked, were not very concerned. They simply thought that Ye Qingyu was being modest, and were still incomparably excited.

    Ye Qingyu did not say anything more.

    Soon, envoys from all parties came to offer their congratulations.

    There were suddenly endless streams of people around the completely deserted Heaven Wasteland Building these days. Many people were scrambling to come to offer their congratulations. Even forces that did not have a harmonious relationship with the Heaven Wasteland Domain before also rushed over pretending to be close.

    In the Vast Thousand Domains, the tradition was that the emergence of a Martial Emperor basically represented the arrival of a peaceful and dispute-free golden era. Of course, the rise of the Human Race was inevitable. In the eyes of all living beings and powerful parties, Ye Qingyu was like a real Emperor and ruler, while they were his subjects. This was the respect for a Martial Emperor since ancient times.

    Ye Qingyu did not see anybody.

    Now he did not have to consider these people’s ideas and feelings, and compared to the Dark Realm, there was still a huge gap in the average level of martial arts of the Vast Thousand Domains. To improve, medicine must be prescribed. The Domain Alliance must be replaced, or dominated by him. The various forces and domains, if well cooperated, can be vigorously supported. But if others agree overtly and oppose in secret, Ye Qingyu will not hesitate to eradicate them.

    Today, his subordinates could be said to be as many as the clouds. Shui Xiu was also a present age Martial Emperor, and along with Wen Wan and other the Divine Generals, as well as Ximen Yeshui, he could easily dominate the Vast Thousand Domains.

    Ye Qingyu did not come forward, but the Great Dragon Turtle Demon and other officials of the Heaven Wasteland Building began to perform their duties and received the envoys of all parties.

    And towards such treatment, the various forces and parties not only did not feel neglected, but felt that everything was reasonable. After all, a Martial Emperor was a noble existence, if he could take time to see them then that wouldn’t be right.

    Of course, arriving at Heaven Wasteland Building were also countless people here to plead guilty.

    The news of today’s battle had spread wildly. The forces that had secretly gone against Heaven Wasteland Domain regretted their actions right away, and immediately came to offer their apology. The supreme elder of the Tianqian Sect was also kneeling in front of the Heaven Wasteland Building, while the representative of other forces of the Quasi-emperors who were killed in today’s battle were also kneeling and dared not to get up.

    The Quasi-emperor who killed the envoy of Heaven Wasteland Domain in the Water Moon Domain also came right away to pay for his crime.

    Nobody dared to go against the majesty of a Martial Emperor.

    It was no exaggeration to say that in the past Ye Qingyu’s name was enough to make the heavens and earth change colour, but if talking about real deterrent power, the ‘Martial Emperor’ these two words had much greater power. In the minds of all living beings in the Vast Thousand Domains, a Martial Emperor signified omnipotence, signified invincibility.

    The next afternoon.

    Ye Qingyu came to the hall of the Domain Alliance.

    Before, he had let out the words through the mouth of the chief envoy of the Human Race and others that he plans to create a unified domain alliance so that all forces will obey his orders. At this time, all the envoys of major forces and races were well aware of this fact. Some people were unwilling but still dared not to defy the will of a Martial Emperor and finally yielded.

    Ye Qingyu had restored the Domain Alliance without taking much time.

    The next month, Ye Qingyu assumed command of the Domain Alliance.

    The status of Heaven Wasteland Domain rapidly rose, and Empress Yu Xiaoxing had become the most powerful and influential person in the Domain Alliance. And under the direction of Ye Qingyu, the power for sorting out the Domain Alliance also fell into the hands of the Empress.

    In this process, Heaven Wasteland Domain displayed a little bit of its strength. In particular, after Wen Wan, Ximen Yeshui and others showed strength that was in no way inferior to a Martial Emperor, the last cry of opposition had also completely dissipated.

    Sorting out the Domain Alliance was a long-term process, and Ye Qingyu was not in a hurry for now.

    A month later, Ye Qingyu contacted the Dark Realm.

    Song Xiaojun personally sent a group of subordinates over to set up various earth civilization machines in Heaven Connect City, so that the Dark Realm was linked to the Vast Thousand Domains and that Empress Yu Xiaoxing and could also communicate and exchange information.

    Ye Qingyu breathed a sigh of relief.

    developed the plan, while Yu Xiaoxing executed it. It was the most perfect cooperation.

    At the same time, also began to make similar plans on how to make use of the treasures in the Ye clan’s imperial palace. The proposal was to first construct a variety of administrative machines to assist the administrative system within the empire, and thereby improve efficiency. It can also extract materials in every place to produce weapons in large quantities, in order to arm an absolutely loyal army that integrates both formation martial arts and earth civilization. Ye Qingyu agreed to the proposal.

    After all the plans were initially finalized, he learned that there was no more movements in the Dark Realm for the time being and also that had become an Emperor. Ye Qingyu did not rush back to the Dark Realm, instead went to the Black Demon Abyss.

    He plans to solve some of the mysteries hidden in the Black Demon Abyss–

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    Next Chapter Chapter 1304, Some discoveries

    Back when Ye Qingyu was in the Black Demon Abyss, in order to obtain Black Demon Grass, and complete the assessment set by the Domain Alliance, he had spent a lot of thought and most of the time in the 17th and 18th districts of the Black Demon Abyss.

    In the 17th district was the Fallen God Abyss, where there was Black Demon Grass all year round.

    Back then Ye Qingyu had found something strange in the Fallen God Abyss and almost died there, so he had a deep memory of that place. Everywhere in the Fallen God Abyss were strange white bones. The body of battle beast Little Ten was also pieced together from those bones. Now, Little Ten’s cultivation base was almost at the peak of the Quasi-emperor realm, and its body of bones was flawless as before. It could be seen that the value of these bones was close to the Emperor level, thus Ye Qingyu couldn’t help but have some interest in the Fallen God Abyss.

    Light flickered.

    A figure appeared in the midst of the miasma.

    It was Ye Qingyu.


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